SSC CHSL Mock Test Review – Check Detailed Analysis!

SSC CHSL Mock Test Review: Staff Selection Commission conducts the Combined Higher Secondary Level (SSC CHSL) national exam to recruit eligible candidates for various departments/offices/ministries of the Government of India. To clear this exam in the first attempt it becomes all the more important to prepare and practice effectively. To assist you in selecting the best mock test, we are sharing this article on the SSC CHSL Mock Test Review that covers the detailed comparison of Testbook, Oliveboard, and Adda247 mock test. Read carefully to get the price review, features, benefits of practicing with the mock test and much more.

SSC CHSL Mock Tests Features

The table below covers the SSC CHLS Mock Test Features of Testbook, Oliveboard, and Adda247. Check details such as the total number of tests, section-wise and topic wise tests, previous year paper, price range, validity, etc. Also, find whether the free test available and the performance analysis provided by the respective Exam Preparation Platform. 

Total 166 Test20 Total TestTotal 172 Test
Memory Based Test Available Not AvailableMemory Based Test Available
5 Free TestFree Test (15)Free Test Not Available
Section-wise and topic-wise test (63 +)Topic-wise test includedSection-wise and topic-wise test (20 test)
Previous Year Papers (76 +)Previous Year Papers not availablePrevious Year Papers
Detailed SolutionDetailed SolutionDetailed Solution
Performance Analysis in DetailPerformance AnalysisTest Result available
E-BooksE-Book not availableE-Books
Latest Pattern ContentContent-Based on Exam PatternLatest Pattern Content
Doubt ClearingDoubt Clearing not availableDoubt Clearing
English & HindiEnglish & HindiEnglish & Hindi
Validity based on Pass12 Months Validity12 Months Validity
Price based on Pass (Yearly/Monthly/Quarterly)Price for SSC Elite pack – Rs.699/-Price – Rs.399/-

SSC CHSL Mock Test Review

We took the mock tests from each platform you come up with the closest review. We found that – 

Oliveboard offers the least number of mock tests and it does not include previous year papers, doubt clearing, E-books, and a lot of features. Moreover, the price range is quite expensive compared to the other two platforms.

Adda247 This online study platform provides nearly 172 tests for SSC CHSL Exam. It provides previous year papers and a section-wise test. You will get 12 months of validity with a price of Rs.399/-. However, we could not find a free test which would have been helpful to identify the types of SSC CHLS Mock test available on this platform before making a purchase.

Testbook It provides previous year papers, mock tests, memory-based questions, free tests and much more. With Testbook SSC CHLS Mock Test, you will get E-books, detailed solutions and performance analysis for every test. You can pick from the pass available (Yearly/quarterly/monthly) as per your preference. Moreover, Testbook is the only platform where you will get more than 166 tests with 5 free tests for the SSC CHSL exam.

Benefits of Practicing with SSC CHSL Mock Test

  • The SSC CHSL Mock Test will kick start your exam preparation and help you practice expected and previous year questions.
  • You could use the test analysis or test evaluation to improve your preparation for the SSC CHSL exam.
  • The detailed solution will help you revise and re-learn the concepts better for cracking the exam easily.
  • Previous year papers will help you get an idea about the questions asked and the best approaches to attempt them easily.
  • E-Books will help you revise the concepts effectively.
  • Doubt clearing would assist you to clarify the queries related to questions.
  • SSC CHSL Mock Test would boost your overall exam preparation to help you score maximum marks in the exam. 

How to Buy the SSC CHSL Mock Test?

After reading the SSC CHLS Mock Test Review you can proceed to buy the SSC CHSL Mock Test from the respective Online Preparation platform. Follow the steps prescribed below to make a purchase –

  1. Go the Home Page of Website you wish to choose for practice.
  2. Click on the Test Series link and search for SSC CHLS Test Series or Mock Test.
  3. Click on the link and proceed to buy.
  4. Complete the payment and start your practice sessions.

Things to Keep in Mind While Practicing with the SSC CHSL Test Series

Further in the SSC CHSL Mock Test Review, we have covered the things you should be mindful of during practice.

While practicing with the SSC CHSL Mock Test, you must keep a few things in mind to get the desired result.

  • Practice diligently Preparation is not complete unless you practice thoroughly.
  • Regularly track your performance based on the test analysis or test evaluation.
  • Practice previous year questions and memory-based questions as well. This will boost your exam performance and help you score maximum marks.
  • After completion of the test, check the solutions to get detailed answers.
  • Revise with the E-books or solutions provided.

We hope, the above-covered article on the SSC CHLS Mock Test Review was helpful in choosing the best test series for the SSC CHSL exam preparation. 

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